Ammunition Should Be Selected Properly

Use Correct Ammunition

Using the correct ammo for your firearm is imperative.  This is your responsibility and one you should take seriously.  You should read and heed all warnings on every box  you purchase.

Using improper or incorrect ammo can destroy a gun and cause serious personal injury. It only takes one cartridge of improper caliber or gauge to wreck your gun.  You should always take the necessary time to verify your ammo each time you load a weapon.

New ammo is tested to factory standards.  Hand-loaded or reloaded ammo deviating from those standards can be dangerous, and can cause severe damage to guns and serious injury to the shooter. Do not use improper reloads or ammo made of unknown components.

Ammunition that has become very wet or has been submerged in water should not be used and should be discarded in a safe manner. You should never spray oil or solvents on ammo or place ammo in excessively lubricated firearms.

Form the habit of examining every cartridge of ammunition you put into your gun. Never use damaged or substandard ammunition.  You may save a little money on home reloads, but the  money you save is not worth the risk of possible injury or a ruined gun.

So remember that ammunition should be picked out carefully.  Using the right type is a very critical step in being a gun owner.  One should take this very seriously and be aware of the responsibilities that are involved in being a gun owner.

There are many different brands that have been tested for regulation standards.  It is recommended to use one of these brands when selected which type of bullets you will use. Using ammunition that is not tested is not recommended because it increases the risk when it comes to gun malfunction and safety precautions.

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