Mechanical and handling Characteristics Should Be Learned

Learn The Mechanical And Handling Characteristics Of The Firearm You Are Using  

For each weapon you carry, there will be different mechanical characteristics and because of that, the method of carrying and handling each weapon will be different.

You should familiarize yourself with each weapon you own or carry.  Always use these ten safety rules for loading, unloading and carrying your firearm.

Many handgun manufacturers recommend that their handguns always be carried with the hammer down on an empty chamber. This is particularly true for older single-action revolvers, but applies equally to some double-action revolvers or semiautomatic pistols. You should always read and refer to the instruction manual you received with your gun, or if you have misplaced the manual, simply contact the manufacturer for a free copy.

Having a gun in your possession is a full-time job. You cannot guess; you cannot forget. You must know how to use, handle and store your firearm safely.

Do not use any firearm without having a complete understanding of its particular characteristics and safe use.

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