Handgun Range Safety

A shooting range requires you to be extra cautious with your handgun. There are a lot of people around you and it is very easy to injure or kill someone if you are careless with your weapon. That is why there are extra handgun safety rules that must be followed whenever you are at a range.


Load Gun Before Shooting


The only time you should have a loaded gun at a range is right before you are about to shoot at your target. The rest of the time, your gun should be unloaded until you are ready to shoot it again. This means you cannot walk into the range with a preloaded handgun because there is always the chance of an accidental discharge as you are carrying around your handgun in a bag or case.


Keep Safety On


You should always keep the safety of the handgun turned on whenever you are not using it. This will reduce the chances of somebody getting hurt. However, this doesn’t mean you should carelessly wave the gun around because you think the safety will prevent it from firing. You should still treat the handgun as if it could go off at any moment. This will ensure that no needless accidents happen.


Only Point Gun at Target


The only time you should point your handgun at something is when you plan to shoot it. In the case of a firing range, this means only pointing your handgun at the target that is directly in front of you. Never point the handgun at anyone around you, even if you are just playing or kidding around.


Keep Your Finger Away from Trigger 


When your finger is on the trigger, you should be planning to shoot something. Do not put your finger on the trigger if you are not planning to shoot something. Often times, people will practice aiming their gun in some random direction while keeping their index finger resting on the trigger as if they are going to shoot. This can be very dangerous because a little bit of pressure on the trigger could cause the gun to discharge.


Get Help


If you are new to shooting a handgun, do not try to learn on your own. Shooting ranges often have staff members who will guide you on how to shoot your handgun properly. This is to ensure that accidents do not happen at their range. So, take advantage of this extra help when it is available.

Importance of Cleaning Your Handgun

If you own a handgun, then you need to clean it on a regular basis. This is especially true if you shoot your handgun often because the interior components get contaminated with dirt and debris from the gunpowder. But even if you keep your handgun stored away in some closet for years, you need to clean it regularly because the moisture in the closet could cause the handgun to rust. Then, if you ever need to use the handgun in an emergency situation, it will not be able to fire. That is why you should clean your handgun ever couple of months when you are not using it. When you do use it, you should clean the handgun immediately after you’re done.


Increase the Lifespan


Cleaning your handgun will increase its lifespan.  All you need to do is occasionally clean and lubricate it with gun oil to preserve its functionality. You could get many decades out of a handgun if you clean it regularly. Otherwise, if you just throw your handgun inside some box and keep it in your closet for 20 years, it likely won’t function very well if you were to try and shoot it again.


Make it Look Nicer


If you care about the visual appeal of your handgun, then you will care about making it look nicer. A good cleaning and lubrication can go a long way in making a handgun more aesthetically presentable. It will be bright, shiny, and glossy in appearance. Then you can make everyone else jealous when they see you shooting such an attractive looking weapon.


Better Reliability


An unclean handgun is likely going to jam at some point when you try to fire it. This could be from the salts which exist in the primer of your ammunition that damaged the weapon. If you let these salts and other debris stay inside the weapon without ever cleaning them away, they will permanently damage your weapon. So, to ensure that you have a reliable handgun that will shoot when you need it to, always keep it clean.


Gun Education


Cleaning a handgun means getting familiar with both the interior and exterior of it. If you are new to handguns, then you might find cleaning as an educational experience because you will get to learn about all the important components of the weapon. Then you can use the knowledge in the future if you ever need to make repairs or upgrades to it.

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