Approved Online Course Provider has been approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety pursuant to Government Code Chapter 411.  The Texas DPS is the only entity that has the authority to approve an online handgun course in the state of Texas.  If you see another company that claims they are authorized to offer their training in Texas, please call them and ask them for their Provider License #.  Our number is Provider # 02667080.

HANDGUNLICENSE.COM was created by Kevin and Eliza Knapp to offer an “ONLINE” Educational Program that would bring convenience and ease to customers, without compromising on content.

The owners and staff at HANDGUNLICENSE.COM have strong moral values.……with the utmost integrity…..superior dedication and knowledge!

This online course while entertaining and fun, will help individuals retain the valuable information they will need to get their LTC. This course will also instill the confidence needed to be a responsible LTC individual for years to come.

  • Quick
  • Convenient
  • Entertaining

  • Easy
  • Engaging
  • High Retention


Welcome To HandgunLicense.Com

HANDGUNLICENSE.COM is committed to providing:

  1.  Exceptional customer service with a program that fosters SUCCESS for all involved.
  2. A learning style that is engaging as well as educational, with an emphasis on safety.
  3. High quality, relevant and required material, current with today’s times.
  4. Enhanced audio/video retention features within our course.
  5. Partnerships that encourage communication and respectfully work together to provide the best possible service to others.

GOLD STANDARD worked with the Texas Legislature and in particular Representative Holland to pass legislation that allows for the classroom portion of handgun training to be taken online.


The user must take an approved provider course in order for it to qualify. Currently, there are six courses that have gone through the process and are available for all Texas residents that qualify for a LTC. is an approved course.


If you are a Texas Certified Instructor and would like to receive students from this website, please contact us at 817-888-8339. You can also make a commission on all of the students you send to us. Give us a call.

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Caption: Relating to certain applications to obtain a license to carry a handgun and to the associated handgun proficiency course.

This bill allows the department to certify an approved online course provider who has at least three years’ experience in providing online course instruction, experience working with government entities, and has direct knowledge of handgun training. In addition to the qualifications, an approved online course provider must be qualified to instruct persons in:

  • 1) Laws that relate to Weapons/Use of Force
  • 2) Safe Storage
  • 3) Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • 4) Handgun Use and Safety (including use of restraint holsters). An approved online course provider can offer classroom instruction

portion of the handgun proficiency requirement and administer the written exam to applicants online by utilizing a secured web portal.

State Approved Handgun Courses

Don’t be fooled by online courses outside of your state who claim they can get you licensed. If you are not a resident of that state, your license does not hold. State law requires that you take your course from a state approved provider.

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Approved in Texas and Oklahoma.

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