Obtain a Texas Handgun License to Carry with Online Instruction (First four-hours of LTC education online)

Have you always wanted to legally carry a handgun?

Many individuals carry a handgun, either concealed or openly, for personal protection. Some gun owners enjoy practicing their shooting skills at a gun range. Some like to collect various types of handguns and to spend time caring for the collection. If you want to legally carry your handgun in public, you need to obtain a license from the state. Fortunately, you can now begin qualifying for your handgun license by first completing our training course online to obtain the LTC-101 training certificate for your license to carry.

Step 1: Taking an Online Course

HANDGUNLICENSE.COM is an approved State of Texas online handgun license to carry (LTC) course and includes four modules covering state laws, weapons and the use of deadly force, non-violent dispute resolution, the safe use of handguns and handgun storage practices

that prevents accidental injury to a child. Our course is a 4-hour program. You don’t have to complete the course in one sitting, as you can log back into your account to finish or to review material for the exam. The online exam tests your knowledge and understanding of the module material. You must earn a score of at least 70% to pass. Once you pass, the course system awards an online handgun course LTC-101 certificate, sent to you by email. While this course was created for Texas Residents over the age of 21, some military personnel can take a handgun license course in any state, including Texas. Legal residents of another U.S. state that relocate to Texas with the intent to establish residency may also complete the process, although you must complete the range portion in Texas, if applicable. Certain legal status types and mental health conditions can prohibit individuals from obtaining a license. You’ll find complete eligibility information on the Texas DPS website.

Step 2: Range Instruction and Proficiency Demonstration

After passing the online exam, you must complete 1 to 2-hour basic handgun safety and a proficiency test with a DPS approved Texas LTC instructor. HANDGUNLICENSE.COM works with instructors all over the state of Texas and will help provide names and numbers to help you find just the right instructor for you. If you need assistance, please contact them by emailing support@handgunlicense.com or call 817-888-8339. You can also find one through an Internet search for an LTC instructor in your city or area. The instructor must use the Department of Public Safety’s current course material for the range. You must show the LTC-101 certificate to the instructor to take the range instruction, which includes basic range safety and your demonstration of safe and proficient use of a handgun. The Texas DPS certified instructor scores your proficiency demonstration. You must achieve a minimum score of 175 to obtain a handgun license to carry. Before taking this range test, prepare by taking a beginning shooter’s course. Know how to handle your gun, load it properly and practice safe shooting. Otherwise, you may not be able to earn the passing score.

Step 3: The Application

As you consider the steps to obtain a Texas handgun license to carry, keep in mind that each component of the process has a cost: the online course, the proficiency demonstration with a certified instructor, the DPS applications for the license, and the required fingerprinting. When you apply with the DPS for the license, you’ll register and pay to set up the fingerprinting process, too. Overall, the cost should be between $150-$200 based on 2020 pricing.

Along with your application and fee to the Texas DPS, certain supplemental forms and materials will be required for submission, including the LTC-101 form top half signed by the certified online course provider, the bottom two portions of the LTC-101 form signed by the certified range instructor, your state-issued driver license, U.S. Passport, or Certificate of Naturalization, your Active Military ID (if applicable), and for veterans, your DD 214. Complete details are available at the Texas DPS website.

Application processing can take from a few days to several weeks, depending on how busy the DPS is and/or if they are doing an extensive background check because of issues. If you’re not an experienced shooter, it’s a good idea to attend follow-up hands-on shooting instruction and to practice at the range to develop greater proficiency. Following the first four years of licensed open or concealed carry in Texas, you’ll be required to renew your permit. Remember to complete the renewal application a few months before expiration to ensure that you have continuous licensing.

Officially Licensed to Carry

To inexperienced handgun users, the process to obtain a license may seem daunting. To experienced shooters, it may seem frustrating to re-learn many facts and skills that they already know. Keep in mind that laws can change along with safety requirements. In fact, just a few years ago, Texas law changed from allowing only concealed carry to allowing both concealed and open carry. Also, experience is a great teacher, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. Completing the online course and range instruction and proficiency demonstration helps to ensure the proper and safe use of handguns of those who wish to carry. The ability to take 4 hours of “classroom” instruction online makes the process easier and more convenient in terms of time and location. The outcome will be the ability to legally carry openly or concealed in the great state of Texas.

Texas License to Carry
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