Texas LTC- Elite Package


Everything in the Basic Package PLUS

  • Full Concierge Service
  • Immediate Certificate of Completion
  • Range Instruction
  • 2 Hours of Range Instruction
  • 15% Discount on HL Accessories
  • Assistance Scheduling Fingerprints
  • Assistance with State Application
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Texas License To Carry Elite Class

This is the package everyone should purchase.  All services are included.  This is especially designed for the first time gun owner.  We know what a hassle it is to get your license, from finding the right online course provider, then the right range instructor and finally, the massive paperwork the state of Texas throws on you.  It’s daunting but we can make it very simple.  Click on the 357 Magnum Package and this is what you get.

  • Upon sign-up you will receive an email that introduces you to your personal concierge.  This person will be with you throughout the entire    process.  You will have phone, email or chat capabilities with your concierge.
  • You will get a 15% discount on all accessories you decide to purchase at the HandgunLicense.com store
  • Of course you will have access to a comprehensive, yet fun and easy online course that meets every Texas DPS requirement.
  •  An immediate course certificate (LTC101) proving your successful completion of the four-hour course.
  • Your concierge will determine, with your assistance, the range instructor and the actual range you will be taking your proficiency testing
  • Your concierge will schedule the time for your training.
  • Your fees for the LTC instructor are covered.
  • Your range fees are covered.
  • 1 additional hour of basic gun handling/shooting is included.
  • Upon completion of the training, your concierge will begin working with you to get you through the state process.
  • Scheduling for your fingerprints. (Additional Charge of $10 to Identigo)
  • Application for your state fee. (Additional $40 paid to the state)
Texas handgun license course online

Step 2: Register with HandgunLicense.com

Register online to take the best online license to carry (OLTC) course in the State of Texas. This course includes 4 hours of required classroom training. All training material was reviewed and approved by the Texas DPS.

Step 3: Register with an Affiliate Instructor

After completing the online course, you will need to complete 1-2 hours of range training plus your proficiency testing with a licensed instructor.  The concierge at HandgunLicense.com will be available to help you find the best location and the best instructor for you.  Call 1-817-888-8339.

Step 4: Register with the Texas Department of Public Safety

Click here to register with the TX DPS.

$40 – Special prices for active and retired military.

Step 5: Submit Fingerprints

Schedule Online with Identigo.

Click here to schedule and complete your fingerprinting.
You must use this code: 119Q91

Step 6: Items Needed

  • Top half of LTC-101 from HandgunLicense.com from online provider
  • Bottom two parts of LTC-100 from Certified Instructor
  • State Issued Driver License or US Passport or Certificate of Naturalization
  • For Veterans – DD 214 – Click Here
  • For Active Military/Reserve – Military ID and additional – Click Here

Step 7: Upload all items to the Texas DPS

Texas DPS

Step 8: Allow for Processing

This could take up to a few weeks but most of the time it is just a few days.

Is It Legal to take an Online Handgun Course in Texas?

You may take a course that has the approval from the Texas Department of Public Safety. HandgunLicense.com has been certified by the Texas DPS. Click on Certificate to View.

The following online courses tell you they are approved by the state of Texas but are not, have never been and most likely won’t ever be.

  • www.usconcealedonline.com
  • www.virginiaconcealed.com

These companies are very misleading to Texas residents.  They tell you that they are Texas approved but in reality, you will get a Virginia license.  Though it is legal to carry a gun using the Virginia license due to the reciprocity law, these companies are using a loop-hole and it is only a matter of time before the state of Texas tightens that loop.