Bullets Can Travel a Long Way

Be Sure Of Your Target And What’s Beyond It

Bullets travel a long way.  They also penetrate walls and other material.  You are in control and must be certain when you fire the weapon that you know exactly where that round will end up.  You can never get the shot back once you fire the weapon.  Take the necessary time to be certain where the shot will end up.

Be aware of objects around the target that may cause bullets to ricochet.   Take the necessary time to remove these objects if possible.  Be sure of your target.

When intending to shoot.  Line up the sights where the point of target is centralized in the crosshairs.  Keep steady, and be sure to breath naturally. Make sure you are using a solid stance.  Take a deep breath and pull the trigger.  It takes practice to have good accuracy but with practice you will begin getting a feel for exactly where the bullet will travel and what’s beyond it.

Be aware that even a 22 short bullet can travel over 11/4 miles and a high velocity cartridge, such as a 30-06, can send its bullet more than 3 miles.  Shotgun pellets can travel 500 yards, and shotgun slugs have a range of over half a mile.

Be sure to use fresh ammunition every time.  Reused ammo can cause gun malfunction which can result in injury or death.

The impact of the bullet or bullets is intended to be fatal.  So it is very important that you are sure of your target and what’s beyond it.  Injuries and death can be prevented by following this simple suggestion.

You should keep in mind how far a bullet or bullets will travel if it misses your intended target or ricochets in another direction.  Get to know your gun.

Always put safety first.

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