Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Texas License to Carry (LTC)
On January 1, 2016, Texas changed their handgun carry permit from a “Concealed Handgun License” (CHL) to a “License to Carry” (LTC). This date also marked a change in Texas laws which opened this license up to “Open Carry” as well. As with concealed weapons permits and concealed carry permits, License to Carry permits function on the basis that Texas is known as a ‘shall issue’ state with the law regulating ownership of firearms to any person 18 years of age or older. Possession of a firearm is not regulated therefore; any person can possess a firearm as long as they are not a felon. If you purchase a handgun from a federally licensed dealer you must be at least 21 years old. As a ‘Shall Issue’ state Texans must meet all of the requirements in order to be issued a License to Carry.

Texas has full reciprocity agreements with 30 states making the ability to carry a handgun legal so long as the owner is a resident of Texas or is a non-resident of the reciprocal state. There are certain laws set in place to ensure that those who receive a License to Carry are going to be responsible law-abiding citizens.

In order to be eligible for a License to Carry (LTC) in the state of Texas a person must:
• Be a legal resident of Texas for a six-month period leading up to applying for a License to Carry.
• Be at least 21 years of age or if a member or veteran of the US Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard or be honorably discharged be at least 18 years old.
• Have not been convicted of a felony
• Is not charged with the commission of Class A or Class B misdemeanor or a Section 42.01 Penal Code offense
• Is not a fugitive from justice for a felony of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor
• Not a chemically dependent person
• Be capable of exercising sound judgment in terms of handgun use and best practices
• Has not, within the last five years preceding applying for a License to Carry, been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor
• Fully qualified under applicable federal and state law to purchase a handgun
• Has not been found to be delinquent in making child-support payments
• Has not been found to be delinquent in paying taxes or other monies owed to the government
• Is not restricted under court protective order or subject to a restraining order
• Has not within the 10 years preceding application been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct
• Has not made any material misrepresentation

For full state eligibility requirements review www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us and select GC §411.172. For a list of federal firearms, disqualifiers visit www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us and select 18 USC 44 §922.

A completed application must be submitted as well as paying all required fees. Training must be completed in addition to submitting the required supplemental forms and materials.

The process for obtaining a License to Carry (LTC) can be broken down into four simple steps:
1. Fill out the online application
2. Schedule an appointment to get fingerprinted
3. Take a handgun safety class. We at HandgunLicense.com provide a thorough handgun safety class for you for just this purpose.
4. Pass a written exam
5. Pass a proficiency demonstration (shooting portion)
6. Fill out the required paperwork and provide copies of your driver’s license and a color photograph along with your cleared background check, fingerprints, and firearm certification.
7. Submit your forms and wait to hear back within 60 days to obtain your License to Carry.

Information to know when looking to obtain your License to Carry

What is a License to Carry?
A License to Carry is a permit that allows you to carry a handgun openly or concealed in public.

Do I need to undergo a background check to obtain a License to Carry?
Yes. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will conduct a criminal history record check as well as additional searches through local official records.

Who issues a License to Carry?
License to Carry are issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety. They are issued to residents and non-residents alike. You can apply online for a License to Carry.

What is the processing time to receive your License to Carry?
For a new License to Carry the processing time is approximately 60 days from the date that they receive your application.

How long is a License to Carry valid?
A License to Carry is valid four years from the date it was issued. Renewed licenses are valid for five years.

How much does it cost to get a License to Carry?
The fee for an initial License to Carry is $40. To get a renewal license you’ll spend $40. There are discounts if you meet certain criteria. For a list of complete fees visit: https://www.dps.texas.gov/RSD/LTC/documents/LTCFeeSchedule.pdf

How do I renew my License to Carry?
In order to renew your License to Carry you must submit an online renewal application at: https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/ltc/

Photos and fingerprints from the past will suffice unless the FBI deems them unusable then you’ll have to redo those components.

What type of class/training is required to obtain a License to Carry?
An applicant can receive License to Carry online training through an Approved Online Course Provider who has been approved in Texas. At HandgunLicense.com, we provide the online, convenient training you need to pass the written exam portion to obtain your License to Carry. After passing the exam successfully, you’ll attend range instruction which is approximately 1-2 hours long where you will show your proficiency is using a handgun alongside a Texas Qualified LTC Instructor.

Getting your License to Carry (LTC) in the state of Texas can be easy with HandgunLicense.com by your side. We know what you need to get the permit you’re hoping for. Let us guide you through each step of the way as you seek to get your License to Carry (LTC).

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